Mounting The Horse

Approach the horse from its sides. Never walk behind a horse. As the horse cannot see you if you come from behind, the horse can get startled and you do not ever want to be on the receiving end of a horse’s kick. Beginners may also find it easier to mount from a mounting block instead of straight from the ground. This can also prevent putting additional stress on the horse’s back or even accidentally kicking the horse with your right foot if you are not yet used to mounting a horse. It is traditional that you mount the horse on its left side.


And it would be better that for the first few times that you mount a horse, have someone hold the horse’s head so that it stands calmly. While standing on the left side of the horse, hold the rein with your left hand. Step your left foot into the stirrup with your weight concentrated on the ball of your foot placed on the center of the stirrup.

While still holding the rein in your left hand, grasp onto the horse’s wither with the same left hand.Grasp the cantle of your saddle with your right hand as your right leg becomes your support for balance as you prepare to spring up.Use your right leg to push you up. Be sure that you lift high enough so that your right leg does not kick the horse’s body as you swing it. As you start to lift yourself up, use your hands for balance while your right leg swings over the horse’s back.Settle in your saddle gently and avoid landing on the horse’s back with a thud as this might startle your horse.


Adjust the stirrups so that they are just at the correct length with your legs. The stirrups should let your feet rest in them while your legs are slightly bent. The balls of your feet should be resting comfortably when your feet are in the stirrup.Arrange the reins so that you are holding them properly. You are now ready to ask the horse to walk.